Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Two

Usually I don't post when there is nothing much to report. That hasn't been the reason for the present hiatus, rather there has been too much happening in April for me to keep up with. First of all, my two bedroom flat has been very full. San's parents came up with San's sister and her daughter at the beginning of April. We were also looking after the son of one of San's many cousins, as his school holidays didn't coincide with his parents work. Not much room then!

The first event was San's father's 70th birthday. This was a quiet affair with a few people from the appartment complex invited round. The next birthday would prove quite a contrast... As you can see from the pictures above, the chocolate cake was enjoyed by all, if somewhat messily. The sharp eyed will spot the jars of Marmite stored under the table, essential supplies for the Englishman abroad.

Next up was Roshni's third birthday. This was anything but a quiet affair. The main cause of excitement, and hence noise, was the long balloons we had attached to the walls. The children quickly saw their potential as swordlike weaponary, and a pitched battle was soon underway. You can see some of the balloons in the pictures below, but the static nature of the shots doesn't do the sword fighting justice. When the battle had subsided, mainly due to the majority of weapons having burst, it was time to cut the cake. Roshni is still an avid Winnnie the Pooh fan, so it was a similar cake to last years. Our maid was at the party, as her two children had been invited; the fullscreen webchat I was having with my parents amidst the chaos confused her. It took a while for her to realise that it was a live videochat, rather than a recording that she was watching. After everyone had left we had some local champagne (not bad), and went out for a meal at one of the nearby restaurants. As you can see, Roshni's cousin enjoyed her curried crab.


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