Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Office

We're moving offices in a couple of months. Currently we're using a house, but it has been a bit cramped, so we will be moving to a proper office building with more space. The outside is more or less complete, we're just waiting for the inside to be finished off.

This weekend we drove over to take a look. It's about five and a half miles from home, so no more walking to work once it's finished. In the absence of a road map I use Google Earth to plan my route. The route I came up with turned out to me non-optimum: at one point we ran out of road and continued under a railway bridge on a muddy track. Once we reached the main road, on which the building is situated, we were unsure which way to turn. I chose poorly and we had a scenic drive up the old Pune-Mumbai highway as far as Pimpri. After one U-turn, and some further driving, we spotted the office and took some pictures. I bag a desk with a balcony, preferably without a cow. We then had lunch in the vegetarian restaurant on the ground floor. The return journey proved to be simpler as our destination was sign-posted from the highway.


Blogger Ashish said...

Hmmm, so it seems your days of happy commuting are over...

pity, little can be worse than being mired in traffic on Pune roads early in the day !

12:47 AM


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