Saturday, July 29, 2006


Last week we had a party at the office in the evening. We've had a few in the months that I've been here, no particular reason for this one, we just hadn't had one for a while... I opted for a beer rather than the more popular whisky and soda or rum and coke. The others were worryingly impressed - it turned out to be strong beer. Beer in India tends to be lager and comes in two varieties: mild and strong. Mild is 4-5% alcohol by volume - strong enough by UK standards. Strong is the 8% stuff favoured by gentlemen of the road. I went with whisky and soda afterwards. As usual the food was good. There were some plates with bite sized pieces of chicken and mutton to start with and a crab curry for the main meal. All were delicious. I was then presented with another beer, obviously my work-mates thought that one bottle was inadequate. This time the brew made no attempt to conceal its strength: both the name and graphical design strongly suggest the intended purpose. Click for a larger view.


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