Thursday, March 09, 2006

A short entry: it rained today. Nothing spectacular in that for those reading in the UK, but it's the first rain I've seen since I left for foreign shores back in October. Just a few drops on the way to and from work and a proper shower for a few minutes in the morning. Thunder and lightening too. The forecast suggests that normal service will be resumed shortly. At least that will let us test the air conditioner: as soon as it was fitted the night time temperatures have plumetted.

We're off to a house warming party tonight. Apparently the house in question is not fully complete yet, but today has been determined to be auspicious so ready or not...

UPDATE: Back from the housewarming. The apartment block wasn't finished but the flat itself was more or less complete. Food was served outside under the building itself. This was on account of the enormous electrical storm that was raging around us. The storm had knocked put the power in the vicinity so illumination was provided by candles until the generator was bought online. Eating outside at night in a thunderstorm certainly makes an event that bit more memorable!


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