Thursday, December 08, 2005


My previous post makes mention of conversations. Of course it was San doing the talking, whilst I held the baby and picked out words: 'Hyderabad....busy......Pune......retired'. The good news on the language front is that the freight we shipped from the UK had finally made its way out of the port at Mumbai and to our house. Amongst the many toys (very happy baby), and equally numerous pairs of shoes (happy wife), was my neglected Hindi Linguaphone course.

The hope is that a combination of: an incentive to learn; the aforementioned OS X vocabulary tester and a currently nebulous thought of shifting the Linguaphone tapes onto iTunes and iPod will result in somewhat better communications skills. The last two options are important since involving gizmos will enhance the learning experience. Or maybe just give me a chance to play with the gadgets rather than learn. Either way it's a win-win scenario.


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