Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some Pics

Still no ADSL, so suffer the little mobile... I'm not going to say much - so here goes. BTW if the pics look a bit gloomy that's beacuse they're using the one true gamma: 1.8. Turn up your brightness on Windows boxes :)

The living room - complete with a mini chaos generator.

Here's San climbing the hill behind our flat - best attempted in the early morning before the temperature hits 30C.

And here's me on the summit watching eagles eating the rest of the fauna. The ridge extends quite away around Pune. The whole city is surrounded by hills.

There's a temple on the summit, and another further along the ridge in the opposite direction to the previous photo.

Further afield in Mahabaleshwar. A very contorted landscape.

It's a whole geography lesson: we've had a hill, so now a valley...
The concrete in the bottom right is where I'm standing, so the camera is more or less pointing straight down. A steep valley.

...a ridge...
...and a cliff.

It's not all wandering around hills - here's the office.
My desk.
The balcony/verandah where we have our lunch. Not yet been disappointed, or bored, by the solely vegetarian curries.
Five o'clock - time for a swim. :)


Blogger Michael said...

Cool pics of India. I never realised the place looked so nice.

What are the temperatures like?

BTW I once tried a vegetable curry from Tesco's and it was bloody horrible. Rather you than me mate! :)

12:17 PM

Blogger JamesW said...

Well, it's a big place so at least one part of it ought to be photogenic! There is a wide variety of landscapes in India: mountains (from moderate ones like the Ghats, all the way to the Himalayas in the north), deserts, plains, coconut palm bedecked beaches and the cities.

It's winter so the temperature is about 30C during the day. Hot, but not desperate. It's also not sticky and humid like Mumbai which makes a big difference. The stats suggest that March, April and May will be a bit more trying - maybe a good time to check out the big hills in the north... After that is the monsoon - I'm looking forward to some impressive deluges. Here's a less staid description of the local climate.

I suspect the vegetable curry on offer here is a cut above what Tesco are selling :)

9:49 PM

Blogger Curtis said...

I just found your blog. I was an American doing an internship (before last year of college) living next to that very same hill on Baner Road back in the second half of 2005.

I really loved that hill!

8:18 AM


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