Friday, September 22, 2006


The monsoon is coming to an end, but we're still getting some fairly heavy showers. However, there is noticeably more sun about too, which means that the pool is looking more enticing. Not just for humans, for this is the time of year when tadpoles become little frogs. The frogs seem to find the pool quite agreeable. They're mostly arranged around the edges just above the waterline, but the waves created when swimming knock them into the water. If you stand near the edge one will sometimes jump onto your shoulder. Fortunately they appear to be harmless, unlike their Amazonian brethren, so I don't mind swimming with them. After all when you swim in a river, or the sea, you are sharing the water with a host of other beasties. I'm a bit less keen on the expired ones though - watch where you tread! San is less tolerant of amphibians altogether, she had one of the building staff picking them all out with a net before she would venture into the water. We've also seen a kingfisher perched atop one of the pool ladders, so there is a natural cleaning system too. More alarmingly a snake has been reported...


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