Monday, August 14, 2006

Independence Day

Tuesday, 15th August is a holiday, to celebrate independence from those nasty British types. There is a bit of a security scare here, heightened after the recent events in the UK, regarding the day itself. Sadly, it's not too hard to imagine some group planning such an event. Hopefully all will be well. On a lighter note the sports channel ESPN was advertising an independence day special during the recent England-Pakistan match. The advert was quite odd: it started off with black and white footage with a serious voiceover stating that on this day India had shaken off the imperial yoke. It then became much more cheerful and the footage shifted to cricket in colour. ESPN were going to celebrate the day with replays of famous thrashings of England at the hands of India. Good stuff I'm sure - I'll choose to remember the most recent match between the two sides though.

Roshni's nursery will be on holiday tomorrow too so they celebrated today and she came back with an Indian flag. I wanted to send her with one of these. It's the flag of British India for those who don't know - myself and San included until quite recently. However, San wasn't too keen on the idea and started muttering darkly about the Koh-i-noor.


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