Friday, March 02, 2007

New Office - The Inauguration

Late last year San and I went to see Delcam's new office, which was in the process of being built. At the time the outside looked fairly complete, but there was still work to do within. A few months have passed and yesterday was the time for the official inauguration. The timing of such events is determined by the stars, rather than more earthly concerns such as the building actually being completed. Still, two out of three floors are almost ready, and we hope to move there in a couple of weeks. We'll have much more space, and better electrical backup. This should been that the approaching summer will be more bearable than last year.
The desks themselves have some natty tartan highlights, and there are spider logos adorning some of the internal glass. The stairs continued up to the roof, which was open. The view from on high was better than you would expect having come up from the busy street below.

We all gathered there late in the morning and had a look around. There are far more desks than people at the moment. Then we awaited the Pujaris. They turned up somewhat later and took over a small meeting room. From within came much chanting, before a coconut was led around every corner of office space. This was a multi-faith inauguration, so the coconut was followed by a priest sprinkling holy water everywhere the coconut had been. I'm not sure what the coconut means, but I know that holy water renders us immune to vampires. If you've seen the size of the bats in Pune you would agree that this is a blessed relief indeed.

Meanwhile the Pujaris had returned to their room to continue chanting. We left them to it and took lunch on the unfinished floor, but not before ribbons had been ceremoniously cut on all three floors. Lunch was a vegetarian affair with some very tasty curries and some ice cream for dessert. After a couple of brief speeches it was time to leave; but not before we were all invited out for an evening meal at Tim's, who had come over from the UK for the occasion, expense.


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